ClassicPro is a face-to-face language lesson, at the student’s premises or in our offices. You teach groups or individuals but always take into account the context in which the students will use their foreign language. You define goals together and you also ensure that they will be able to use their target language at work. Where necessary, you complement your lesson with ScribblPro sessions in order to tackle specific working points.

Every language training course adheres to the ElaN philosophy, but you have more than enough room to use your creativity and initiative. You put together a language course that satisfies both yourself and your student.

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BabblPro: the perfect solution for students with little time or with specific language needs that can also be tackled through web sessions.

BabblPro is face-to-face language lessons, but 100% online: each lesson is held by webcam, microphone and chat. Geographical boundaries vanish meaning that there is a native coach for almost every language.

Even time is no longer an obstacle: students indicate their preferred times and plan their individual language lessons with their coach. This also gives the coach far more room to manoeuvre.

You mainly teach our business clients, who will be particularly appreciative of your professionalism. 

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MX Pro: the perfect way to combine ClassicPro group lessons with BabblPro customised lessons. Teach group sessions and then complement them with private web lessons.

The broad outlines can be tackled in larger groups and then the finer details worked on with individual students. Group sessions can then proceed without interruptions since individual working points can be tackled later.

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  • 100% online
  • face-to-face via webcam
  • flexible planning 24/7
  • personalised

MX Pro

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  • ClassicPro
  • BabblPro
  • differentiation

What type of coach are you?

We have the formulas and tools to design a personal training programme for every student, tailored to their language needs, their schedule and yours. You plan your lessons at your own convenience. Because ElaN is as flexible as you.

Do you like to coach children? Have time on Mondays and Tuesdays to give lessons

on-site? We can organise the perfect programme. Do you need to be at the school gate on Wednesday afternoon for your kids? You can use that morning to conduct BabblPro sessions for our business clients.

Do you like to hit the road? We can always use good face-to-face coaches. Do you like to keep Monday mornings free for your weekly shave,

hangover or yoga exercises? No problem. In the afternoon you conduct BabblPro sessions for our business clients.

Do you like to stay at home? Or do you live on the other side of the world? We need you too. Twenty years of experience has taught us how to tackle distance learning: BabblPro web training, from 10 to 20 web sessions.    

We have the perfect job for every type of coach.

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About MyElaN


Our clients

‘Anyway, anyhow, anywhere!'

The Who were already singing this message in the sixties. It seems as true today as ever. With new technologies, the consumers can choose where they want to go and how to get there. What you want, when you want! We have done our best to make the journey comfortable.

MyElaN, the new, online version of ElaN Languages, now combines the best the language world has to offer. Using our 20 years of experience in business-oriented language teaching, we have created brand new B2B formulas. At the same time, we have also developed a highly user-friendly environment for our coaches.

We are convinced that MyElaN offers an exciting challenge for any type of coach. And quality support from our experienced team is a free bonus.

Are you a motivated and open-minded coach?

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We turn language into an added value because we draw on the talent and passion of the best language experts in the world.

The following rules of thumb keep us all on track.


Direct contact

Real specialists answer your questions about our collaboration or your training course - not help desk staff.



We make sure you know exactly what we expect from our team. Clear agreements about services and invoicing are set down in a contract.


Didactic support

Every language course adheres to the ElaN philosophy. You receive the necessary didactic back-up but also the space to be creative and show initiative.


Coach zone

Efficiency and comfort are the cornerstones of our collaboration. Your personal Coach zone, designed by our own trainers, is our transparent, direct and highly effective support resource.


Grow with us

We invest in the development of our coaches. They are our experts. Read here what they say about working with us.


Stay fresh

Remain critical. Do this for us, but also for yourself. That's the only way for us to get better at what we do. And all our students will benefit from this.