Coach zone

Your coach zone offers you vital information about the training projects you are involved in.

  1. An overview of all your courses: manage your training schedule, download it to take on the road or update it. Easy! 
  2. Check your availabilities. When are you free in the coming weeks?
  3. Manage your messages. Exchange ideas with your students in one single environment.
  4. Questions about teaching or working with us? Contact one of the ElaN coaches.
  5. How many sessions have you already done? How many are left or need to be invoiced? Check here!

Would you like to have your own coach zone? Sign up now as a language trainer!

Student info

Really know your students so you can give them the training they need. Make sure you view their student info!

  1. What information about your students may be relevant to their language course? View their profile and find out right away.
  2. What are your students’ objectives? Read them here.  
  3. Check how many remaining credits your students have.
  4. Get an overview of all your students’ lessons and organise them neatly, alternating live lessons with BabblPro, in collaboration with colleagues.
  5. Check which students are in the same group.

Student info supports you through a successful language training course. Sign up and see for yourself.

Park & Collect

Forwarding syllabi or exercises by e-mail? With Park & Collect that’s a thing of the past. Manage all your teaching materials in one place and share it with your students. They pick up their homework there and put it back when it’s done.

  1. Upload teaching materials.
  2. View all available teaching materials and check your students’ homework.
  3. Discuss the homework with your student in the web learning environment.

Test Park & Collect yourself and sign up now.


Transparency: highly valued by every professional. This is why you can manage your invoices in one place and always have an overview of your output.

Check your invoices by

  1. reference number
  2. period
  3. name
  4. date
  5. amount

A convenient overview shows you exactly which lesson you need to invoice or have already invoiced. Add the assignment reference number to your invoice and it’s done. Or how about an overview delivered directly to your inbox?

Would you like to work with such a transparent system too? Then sign up now!


With one click you go straight from your evaluations to the lesson environment. Or from your library to your tools.

  1. View evaluations of and from your students. You evaluate your students and they evaluate you. Total transparency.
  2. Go straight to BabblPro and Scribblpro.
  3. Visit the library for inspiration: you’ll find interesting information that you can use in your lessons.
  4. Exchange teaching material with other coaches.
  5. On the student pages you will find out how to make students excited about language and how to keep them that way.

Ready to get down to work? Then sign up!

Coach zone

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  • messages
  • contact
  • credits

Student info

  • profile
  • objectives
  • credits
  • course data
  • other students

Park & Collect

  • teaching materials
  • homework
  • working together
  • web learning environment


  • invoice policy
  • transparency
  • punctuality
  • clarity


  • evaluations
  • tools
  • library
  • communication zone
  • student pages

Your Lounge

Your personal Lounge is about your comfort as a language teacher. Here you’ll find everything you need to plan and monitor your course. User-friendly and completely online. Comfort is not only about a language course that is running smoothly but also about flawless organisation, a schedule without double bookings and a clear overview of invoices. The Lounge helps you to optimise your teaching without effort. Not only that, but wherever you go, your Lounge goes with you. Have you got a short break between face-to-face sessions? One click and you can update your schedule, view the intake results of a new training project or work on a student’s lesson plan. By using the Lounge you also support a good cause, which does you good too. All our staff, including freelancers, support S.O.S. Children's Villages.       Are you punctual with evaluations, do you keep your appointments? In other words, are you committed to what we find important in  a language course? Then we contribute to this charity in your name. To make all this even more attractive, we have an agreement with our neighbours, Velvet Factory, so we can offer you exclusive Strelli accessories in exchange for the reward points you earn through working for us.

The Lounge is developed by our in-house language teachers. Their aim is to develop tools suited to the teacher and to the student. This page is the result. 


Do you have suggestions on how to adapt your Lounge to better suit your needs?

Please let us know!

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About MyElaN


Our clients

‘Anyway, anyhow, anywhere!'

The Who were already singing this message in the sixties. It seems as true today as ever. With new technologies, the consumers can choose where they want to go and how to get there. What you want, when you want! We have done our best to make the journey comfortable.

MyElaN, the new, online version of ElaN Languages, now combines the best the language world has to offer. Using our 20 years of experience in business-oriented language teaching, we have created brand new B2B formulas. At the same time, we have also developed a highly user-friendly environment for our coaches.

We are convinced that MyElaN offers an exciting challenge for any type of coach. And quality support from our experienced team is a free bonus.

Are you a motivated and open-minded coach?

Then apply now! 

We turn language into an added value because we draw on the talent and passion of the best language experts in the world.

The following rules of thumb keep us all on track.


Direct contact

Real specialists answer your questions about our collaboration or your training course - not help desk staff.



We make sure you know exactly what we expect from our team. Clear agreements about services and invoicing are set down in a contract.


Didactic support

Every language course adheres to the ElaN philosophy. You receive the necessary didactic back-up but also the space to be creative and show initiative.


Coach zone

Efficiency and comfort are the cornerstones of our collaboration. Your personal Coach zone, designed by our own trainers, is our transparent, direct and highly effective support resource.


Grow with us

We invest in the development of our coaches. They are our experts. Read here what they say about working with us.


Stay fresh

Remain critical. Do this for us, but also for yourself. That's the only way for us to get better at what we do. And all our students will benefit from this.