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ElaN Languages, in love with language

Belgium, late 1990. Three ‘older youngsters’ with linguistic backgrounds decide to join forces. Their business goal? A complete language service for internationally oriented companies. The pillars of the agency would be tailored language training, business focused translation and specialised interpreting. The ElaN language service was born. Over 20 years later ElaN Languages is one of the leading players in the international language market, with offices in Brussels, Flanders, Wallonia, France and Russia. Forty permanent staff members and over fifteen hundred freelance collaborators create our service. And we have never veered from our goal: ElaN continues to distinguish itself through meticulous customisation, designed from scratch and therefore perfectly tailored to each individual language student or company. Our translation department delivers speed and quality as a result of our carefully constructed, global network of native language professionals. It is not surprising that ElaN was the first Belgian agency to achieve the European EN15038 quality standard. And finally, we have our dedicated interpreters. They translate your spoken message

into any target language required, on the spot, at conferences and seminars. That’s right, our staff write and speak all languages. But most importantly, they specialise in your language. We call on the expertise and passion of the best linguists in the world to ensure that your message has the added value it deserves.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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About MyElaN


Our clients

‘Anyway, anyhow, anywhere!'

The Who were already singing this message in the sixties. It seems as true today as ever. With new technologies, the consumers can choose where they want to go and how to get there. What you want, when you want! We have done our best to make the journey comfortable.

MyElaN, the new, online version of ElaN Languages, now combines the best the language world has to offer. Using our 20 years of experience in business-oriented language teaching, we have created brand new B2B formulas. At the same time, we have also developed a highly user-friendly environment for our coaches.

We are convinced that MyElaN offers an exciting challenge for any type of coach. And quality support from our experienced team is a free bonus.

Are you a motivated and open-minded coach?

Then apply now! 

We turn language into an added value because we draw on the talent and passion of the best language experts in the world.

The following rules of thumb keep us all on track.


Direct contact

Real specialists answer your questions about our collaboration or your training course - not help desk staff.



We make sure you know exactly what we expect from our team. Clear agreements about services and invoicing are set down in a contract.


Didactic support

Every language course adheres to the ElaN philosophy. You receive the necessary didactic back-up but also the space to be creative and show initiative.


Coach zone

Efficiency and comfort are the cornerstones of our collaboration. Your personal Coach zone, designed by our own trainers, is our transparent, direct and highly effective support resource.


Grow with us

We invest in the development of our coaches. They are our experts. Read here what they say about working with us.


Stay fresh

Remain critical. Do this for us, but also for yourself. That's the only way for us to get better at what we do. And all our students will benefit from this.